About Tue Duong


At a young age, Tue Duong was a creator first, and an artist later. Before he had learned how to use technology, he had foam core and lots of glue. In the fourth grade, he used to make mini carnival games, entertaining his classmates with his cardboard version of skeeball (and making good paper money at the same time). Lego houses dotted the living room floor, stairs, kitchen, dining room… you get the idea. He even made puzzles that he would draw, cut up, and force someone in his family to solve.

Sure, he put down the cardboard and scissors for lights and cameras, but he likes to think that the same pride and satisfaction from making something with his own two hands still live somewhere inside of him. He continues to inspire interactivity from others.

Tue Duong is a Orange County photographer, filmmaker, graphic designer, and music composer. As a journalist, handyman, and collector by nature, he treats “the moment” with delicate care and emotional depth. He has been recognized as one of the Top 10 OC Artists of the Year in 2014 and his work has been featured at film festivals such as the White House Student Film Festival in 2014 and DC Asian Pacific American Film Festival in 2016. With the power of social media, he hopes to promote community and discussion through evocative images.

As of 2017, Tue is versed in:

  • Adobe Photoshop (Photography/Design) – 6 years experience
  • Adobe Premiere Pro (Film Editing) – 5 years
  • Adobe Lightroom (Photography) – 3 years
  • Adobe After Effects¬†(Motion Graphics) – 2 years
  • Sony Vegas Pro (Video Editing) – 7 years
  • Avid Media Composer (Film Editing) – 3 years
  • Logic Pro X (Music Production) – 2 years
  • Sibelius 7 (Music Notation) – 2 years
  • DaVinci Resolve¬†(Color Grading) – 2 years